Council The Chairman Greetings


My respected citizens of Dongducheon!

And visitors of Dongducheon City Council website!
Please take my genuine welcome.

The hope of democracy of the Republic of Korea lies in local self-government system. Local self-government system has been established as a strong buttress of Korean democracy beyond being just grassroots politics. Based on this grave responsibility and mission, Dongducheon City Council is doing the best listening to every single word of citizens and working on the very sites with hands-on activities.

Dongducheon, our pride, has silently borne sacrifice for national security for nearly 70 years and protected the country and its nation. Now we are ready for a new leap and progress. New sprouts are growing from the tree of hope planted all with sweats and tears of all citizens on this barren land.

Our proud city of national security! A small but strong city! A city of dreams hoping for a brighter and better tomorrow!

We, Dongducheon City Council will sincerely lay the groundwork for all citizens to color each of their happiness beautifully. We will uphold and serve our citizens and take their teachings and reprimands humbly for prosperity of Dongducheon and happiness of its 100,000 citizens. By doing so, we will keep working till the end to materialize 'local self-government system that can communicate'.

My beloved citizens! I hope that all that you want will come true and that your households and work places are filled with health and happiness at all times. Please accept my respect, love and thankfulness.

Chairperson of Dongducheon, Lee, Seong Su