Council The Chairman Greetings


Dear citizens of Dongducheon!

And netizens who have visited the Dongducheon City Council website! Welcome.

Dongducheon City Council exists because of its citizens.

We want to thank you for your unwavering support and encouragement.

Dongducheon’s bright future is just around the corner. Dongducheon will emerge as one of the leading cities as the nation continue to develop and as South and North Korea further engage in exchange and cooperation.

Dongducheon City Council which will open up a new history for the city of Dongducheon will fulfill its representative duties for the citizens.

We will try our best to make Dongducheon City Council a communicative council that always listens to its citizens, a field-oriented council that reaches out to people in their livelihoods and a professional council that develops practical and effective policies.

We will bring growth and a brighter future to Dongducheon working with an unwavering servitude mindset.

We will read people’s minds.
We will work harder than ever.
We will strive to achieve innovation for the city of Dongducheon.

Thank you.

Moon-young Jeong, Chair of Dongducheon City Council